This course is a summer course to help foreign students learn and strengthen their Thai.

★Comfortable and clean facilities, the student dormitory are also accommodated with living rooms with a sofa and TV, a kitchen and alternating hot and cold bathroom facilities. Allowing students to come here to leisurely enjoy Thailand outside the course and experience the beauty and liveliness of Bangkok.

★Diverse, rich, and lively course settings, all courses are carefully planned by the Language Center of Southeast Bangkok University. At the beginning of the course, Thai tutors focus on training students to stress speaking, and then follow the textbook with English writing and understanding body language to explain, so that students can master Thai pronunciation and simple daily dialogues. Thai teachers will encourage students to speak Thai by answering questions without interruption, and then correct its pronunciation and grammar. There will be homework and small exams after the class to fully examine its learning results. In the course, the teacher will also teach about local festival etiquette culture and integrate Thai clothing aesthetics, creative fashion industry, dance music, gourmet food, nightlife and other rich activities to make learning not boring!

★ Best geographical location.
Both campuses are located in bustling and lively places. There are many exotic restaurants, large shopping centers, and entertainment and leisure venues around the campus.

★Diversified nationality students and students from South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Europe, America, the Middle East and other countries Study together, let students experience multiculturalism, establish good friendship with students of different nationalities, and maintain good relations after studying

With the goal of exploring students potential while focusing on cultivating their talent, SBC advocates and implements coordinated development of moral and intellectual education. The school has a team of high-level teachers composed of experts and scholars from all over the world, and has conducted exchanges and cooperation with other famous foreign institutions of higher learning including curriculum setting, exchange of professors, teaching material support, and joint school curriculum.

The curriculum is synchronized with European and American universities, and the teaching materials are synchronized with European and American famous schools. The teaching methods are flexible, focusing on the cultivation of students innovative awareness. There are also exchange programs with overseas universities

◆ Employment advantages Trilingual talents have unlimited prospects in Thailand. Enterprises such as Thai Chia Tai Group, Red Bull Group, Central Department Store of Thailand, Pangu Bank of Thailand, and local Huawei, Haier, Bank of China, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of Thailand have all opened branches in Thailand. Geographical advantages Thailand is located in the center of Southeast Asia, the United Nations Educational and Scientific The headquarters of the Organization’s Asia-Pacific headquarters is located in Bangkok. It has a high degree of internationalization and convenient transportation. There are low-cost airlines leading to Southeast Asian countries. In addition to studying, you can also visit Southeast Asia. The cost of music is also quite affordable, as long as a small budget can create a high cost performance

◆For future long-term students who want to study in Thailand, the application process is simple and no English IELTS is required; when the information is complete, the student visa rate is 100%, no Economic guarantee

Thai for beginners

Use teaching materials

❈ “Easy Introduction to Thai”:

This textbook is the basic textbook for Thai language learning. It covers all consonants and vowels in Thai language, and provides a comprehensive explanation from the aspects of spelling and spelling rules. With alphabetic stroke order writing, letter writing description practice. At the same time, there is a lot of practice behind each lesson.

❈ “Practical Thai Conversation”:

This book contains 30 basic application scenarios for eating, dressing, living, traveling, shopping, studying, working, traveling, etc. In Thailand, in order to pique students interest  focusing on the basic listening and speaking of Thai.

For beginners in Thai, especially students with zero foundation, after learning this course, they can understand daily vocabulary and dialogue; they can use daily language to express and communicate basic emotions; they can fully master Thai writing and spelling skills. Can spell and understand short Thai paragraphs; with the help of social software, communicate with local Thais and write small compositions (no less than 150 words).

Total planned school hours: 144 hours

(Including teaching time: 3.5 hours * 5 days * 8 weeks = 140 hours + exam time: 4 hours)

Recruit age group: students over 18 years old or members of the public who are interested in learning Thai or want to study in Thailand

Course dates: 2020/08/31-2020/10/23

Thai Cultural Experience Course Fee:

  1. 1. 2200 USD (The fee includes basic Thai language courses, Thai cultural courses, group activities, Northern Thai tourism, accommodation, airport transfer service)
  2. 2. 1500 USD (excluding the 8th Friday day tour fee)

The course fee does not include: air ticket, personal petty cash and passport processing fees

PS: Students who apply for the SBC Junior College Master’s Program will be deducted for 3 credits

Southeast Bangkok University was founded by Professor Somsak Rungruang in 1999. The school has a team of high-level teachers composed of experts and scholars from all over the world. Exchanges and cooperation in joint schools and other aspects, the proportion of foreign teachers in Europe and the United States accounted for more than 20%, attracting international students from many countries including China to study and exchange in the school.

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