The Thai language year and the English language year courses are language programs tailored specifically for foreign students.

The curriculum has a high level of responsible teachers and adopts a centralized and highly practical teaching model.

The course aims to develop students’ comprehensive abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing practical Thai and English. At the end of the year, the course can reach the level of barrier-free communication in daily life. (Another individual does not guarantee the teaching results due to different learning methods and attitudes)

Introduction to Thai Preparatory Course

  1. 1. Course Grading

Elementary Thai

Intermediate Thai

  1. 2. Elementary Thai language teaching materials and teaching objectives

Use teaching materials

“Easy Introduction to Thai Language”: This textbook is the basic textbook for Thai language learning. It covers all consonants and vowels in Thai language, and provides a comprehensive explanation from the aspects of spelling and spelling rules. With alphabetic stroke order writing, letter writing description practice. At the same time, a lot of exercises are attached to the back of each lesson.

“Practical Thai Conversation”: This textbook contains 30 basic application scenarios for eating, dressing, living, using, travelling, shopping, studying, working, traveling, etc. in Thailand to stimulate students’ interest. Hearing the basics of Thai.

Teaching objectives at this stage

For beginners in Thai, especially students with zero basics, after learning this course, they can understand daily vocabulary and dialogue; they can use daily expressions for basic emotional expression and communication; they can fully master Thai writing and spelling skills. For short Thai paragraphs, you can spell it out; you can use social software to communicate with Thais, and you can write small compositions (not less than 150 words).

  1. 3. Textbooks and teaching objectives used in intermediate Thai

Use teaching materials

“Intermediate Thai” (1) (2): On the basis of primary Thai textbooks, it covers 15 independent themes such as vocation, sports, and Thai-related culture. It extends to the depth of the theme. Based on each independent theme, A large number of reading chapters have been added, while the vocabulary has been expanded, and Thai grammatical knowledge has been interspersed to form a more systematic Thai knowledge system.

Teaching objectives at this stage

After this stage of study, students can understand the relevant information in Thai news; can communicate with Thais without barriers and clearly explain their personal views; can read and understand more complex long sentences and articles; can write a certain amount of Thai language Article (no less than 500 words).

Introduction to English Preparatory Course

  1. 1. Teaching objects

English beginner

  1. 2. Textbook

“New Concept English” is a set of English textbooks jointly published by China Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and Pearson Education Publishing Co., Ltd. As a world-renowned English course, it is welcomed and loved by English learners with its novel teaching concepts, interesting text content and comprehensive skill training.

“New Concept English First” is suitable for junior high school or English learners who want to master basic English in a short time, such as middle school students or early-year scholars, can also help further consolidate the knowledge they have learned.

It includes most of the scene conversations and basic spoken language in “New Concept English-Priority Things First”. The 800 words in the list are the most commonly used words in everyday English.

“New Concept English Practice and Progress” aims to train students in the four skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Make students have the ability to use language.

  1. 3. Reference materials

Dialogue and communication skills course references are based on practical English series

The author of the series is Professor Lai Shixiong, who is an English teacher and a master of mass communication at the University of Minnesota. He has been engaged in full-time interpretation, translation and mass communication research for many years. Works include “junior American English courses”, “intermediate American English courses”, “advanced American English courses” and “Lai Shixiong teaches you easy learning English” and more than 300 books, including adults, children, learning, workplace, life and other fields .

  1. 4. Curriculum

Entrance exams-aimed at students who know the current level of English

Dynamically adjust the teaching plan and progress according to the students

The following syllabus is universal. If students are not familiar with English letters, then we can start with English letters

Teaching plan and arrangement basis

Duration: Two semesters-16 weeks per semester

Content: The basic course mainly teaches the first and second volumes of New Concept English. The total vocabulary is about 3,000, and the grammar points are about 200.

The Speaking Practice Exchange Program roughly plans 144 themes, covering life, society and career.

Our school’s one-year language courses are open for enrollment twice a year, and the registration period is:

(1) March 1-June 30, enrolling in mid-June;

(B) August 1st-November 30th, early November admission.

To register, please bring:

Original passport (ensure that the visa is valid for more than 30 days; the tourist visa can be transferred directly to the student visa; the landing visa needs to be returned to the country for a tourist visa and then returned to Thailand for transfer)

3 1.5-inch or 2-inch photos

24-hour report (certificate of address)

Academic degree certificate and related notarization certification. (If you can find personal information in, you can print the page directly, free of notarized certification materials)

The design of the Thai language class in year:

  1. 1. Bilingual teaching in Chinese and Thai, three lessons per week, 3 hours per lesson;
  2. 2. Arrange classes to be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, one class per day;
  3. 3. The class time is in the morning (9:00-12:00) or afternoon (13:00-16:00), the school divides the class according to the student number, and the actual course schedule cannot be selected or changed at will.

One-year English class design:

  1. 1. Bilingual teaching in Chinese and English;
  2. 2. Three lessons per week (two days in school + one day online teaching);
  3. 3. 3 hours per class.

Every year from mid-May to mid-June; two time periods from early October to early November are holidays. Students can arrange their own holiday life.

Those who pass the one-year course will be awarded a certificate of completion of the language course of Southeast Bangkok University, and those with outstanding studies may continue to apply for a four-year undergraduate or two-year top up bachelor degree or master’s degree MBA of SBC.

Reference directions after the one-year course:

1) Continue to study in the other one-year preparatory program of Southeast Bangkok University: The school will submit the student’s attendance and scores during school study and review. If the attendance and grades pass, they can continue to study and extend the student visa (half a year or one year).

2) Continue to study undergraduate or graduate programs at Southeast Bangkok University: The school will submit the student’s attendance and grades during the school’s study and review, if the attendance and grades pass, they can continue to study and extend the student visa (one year).

3) intend to transfer to other universities: at the same time when the visa is cancelled at Southeast University of Bangkok, you can transfer to other universities to continue studying. After confirming the transfer date, please contact the person in charge of the SIRC office.

4) Visa cancellation plan: The school will prepare a visa cancellation letter before the end of the holiday. Students will take the visa cancellation letter to the immigration office to cancel the visa and return to their home country. The cancellation of the visa will not affect any other new visas


One-year English course tuition: 80,000 baht.

One-year Thai language course tuition fee: 65,000 baht.

The specific registration time is:

Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

After successful registration, the school will provide students with a regular student visa for Southeast Bangkok University. For specific visa requirements, transfer, renewal and other matters, please consult the previous article of the public number or consult the International Relations Center Office (SIRC).