Service centre staffs help new students study the school location and campus bulidings.
Guide time will be published by service centre. You will understand school system and learning target?
know the campus and all the departments and staffs in our school. We will help you adapt to the new environment and thailand culture. You will know where you can get help.


Entry includes 90 days student visa. You should report to Immigration Thailand every 90 days for re-entry?Service centre will help you do all. Normally you needn’t go by yourself.
You should comply with immigration rules strictly.
When graduated, if you work in thailand, your company will apply for visa and work permit for you. And your family can apply for family visa and stay in Thailand too.


When you get our admission notice, you can go to apply for student visa in Thailand Embassy. If you go back home in the holidays,you should apply for the re-entry VISA.

Medical insurance

Service centre can help you buy the medical insurance. Students aged from 15 to 60 can buy the insurance.
Insurance has inpatient and outpatient, including?room and board expenses if inpatient,general hospital expenses ?Operation cost ?Doctor door service fee .
Emergency and expert advisory fees etc.
Every expense has a limit but covers most of the medical expenses.

To parents

Service centre encourages parents and students to keep in touch. New students have a adaptation phase. The link with parents can help your child adjust himself or herself.

We will try our best to help your child solve the homesick problem.
If any problem about study,society and privacy, we encourage parents to ask us about your child’s life.
Parents should read our website for more information and help your child use all the equipments in our campus better.