MBA in Thailand / USA

The Southeast Bangkok University has a joint Master’s degree program with Angelo State University, the joint program is so students may receive two accredited degrees from one campus.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program focuses on the comprehensive training of students’ leadership and provides a broad business perspective. It aims to develop and enhance valuable business skills and knowledge for future professional managers and managers who want to engage in enterprises. International business and business ethics is also integrated into the curriculum plan. Our curriculum provides you with solid business management education based on the latest global business developments and industry needs, and prepares you to meet the new challenges of your future career.

The MBA course has a total of 39 credits and can be completed in just 18 months. The program covers a wide range of knowledge, including courses in accounting, marketing, management, finance, economics, legal and social environmental business, data analysis, and management information systems. All courses are offered online and in traditional face-to-face/hybrid mode, and the teachers include Chinese and other foreign management masters.

Program highlights

Studying To Meet Your Needs:

Whether you are an undergraduate graduate this year looking for a professional training curriculum; or if you have been struggling in the workplace for many years and are looking for a higher level of education in order to receive more opportunities. Our flexible MBA double master’s degree study method can meet your needs. The plan can be completed within 18 months, allowing you to continue to invest in your professional and personal life. There are two enrollment periods: June and November.

Advanced Cloud Teaching Management System:
Course content can be viewed 24/7 on our digital teaching system. These courses can be used on any Internet-connected device, including tablets or smartphones, with no time and space restrictions.

Be Taught By Experienced Professors and Scholars:
Our Chinese and foreign teachers, class teachers, and teaching assistants all have first-class doctorate degrees in business management from Europe and the United States, and hold senior management positions in business management in world-renowned companies. This experience can be applied directly in the classroom to strike a balance between practice and theoretical methods.

Meeting with experts from well-known multinational corporations of Mattel:
In the course, you are encouraged to learn specific management experience face-to-face with Mattel’s multinational corporate executives and professional managers, and gradually establish future career development opportunities through the strong network arranged by the school.

Exchange Ideas With Other Students:
Whether it is online or physical courses, each MBA one-way course is to promote interaction and debate between students. You will not only learn from teachers, but also from Classmates, bringing real life experience directly into the classroom.

Join the Largest Alumni Network of Mattel:
Angelo State University and Southeast Bangkok University in the United States, Thailand and the world’s major business development countries have large outstanding alumni as your most solid backing, no matter where you are, you will get friendly and knowledgeable support. Our alumni network provides continuous contact, guidance and advice resources for graduates and students.

Master of business Course Descriptions

  •  Business Administration 6302 – Legal & Social Environment

Analysis of the role of business in contemporary society with emphasis on the legal, social, political, and regulatory factors affecting business. A survey of microeconomic theories and analysis methods with applications in business problems for managerial decision making. Topics include demand analysis and estimation, costs, market structures and pricing.

  • Management 6301 – Management Information Systems

Addresses the management of the information resources from a senior management viewpoint. Covers the use of information technology to achieve competitive advantage, information technology and the organization, managing information assets, outsourcing, information technology operations and management, and information technology as a business.

  •  Management 6311 – Organizational Behavior

The study of behavioral interactions within organizational contexts, with special attention on dyadic, group, and organizational leadership dynamics. This course examines how leaders can leverage employee individual characteristics (e.g. personality, perception, and motive) and contextual attributes (e.g. culture, diversity, and structure) to create high-performing employees, teams, and organizations.

  • Marketing 6301 – Marketing Management

An analysis of the marketing management process for all types of organizations. Included are the topics of (1) planning marketing activities, (2) directing the implementation of the plans, and (3) controlling marketing plans.

  • Accounting 6301 – Advanced Management Accounting

A comprehensive study of the preparation of internal accounting reports for decision making, planning and control; cost determination and evaluation; budgeting and quantitative techniques. May not be taken by accounting majors to satisfy requirements in accounting.

  •  Management 6312 – Operations & Supply Chain Management

Operations and Supply Chain Management consists of three broad areas that include managing processes, managing customer demand and managing the supply chain. Topics include process strategy, quality performance, capacity planning, lean systems, demand forecasting, inventory management, operations planning, resource planning, supply chain design, supply chain logistics networks and supply chain integration.

  •  Finance 6301 – Financial Management

Corporate financial management decision-making techniques emphasized in areas of planning the financial structure, management of assets, capital budgeting, obtaining capital, and management of income.

  •  Economics 6311 – Managerial Economics

Principles, concepts, scope and importance of economic studies, application of micro and macroeconomics in systemic analysis of business problems and business environments. Components of the macro economy; demand, supply and behavior, application of economic principles to solve business problems

  •  Management 6303 – Advanced Data Analytics

This course explores data collection and analysis techniques commonly practiced in business today. Topics include primary and secondary data collection techniques, analysis of collected data, and associated ethical concerns.

  • Management 6313 – Strategic Management in a Global Environment

An advanced case course dealing with the wide range of management problems involving policy and strategy decisions faced by executives in both domestic and international markets. A capstone course that requires integration of all materials Covered in the M.B.A. curriculum in the policy formulation process. Prerequisite: Permission of M.B.A. director.

  • Entrepreneurship and SMEs management

Concepts of entrepreneurship and the process of evaluating concepts, trends, and opportunities in doing business self-assessment for entrepreneurs conducting business by adhering to the principles of good governance and ethics. Being an entrepreneur, business plan preparation, raising funds in various forms, organization analysis, mechanical team building, business presentation strategy for interested investors

  • Independent study +


Program details

The program consists of 39 credits and 13 courses and is planned to be completed within 18 months.

Thailand/U.S. Staged Courses

This program has a total of 13 courses and 39 credits. The course method is 7 courses at Southeast Bangkok College, the teachers are Chinese and English bilingual teachers who have doctoral degrees from top European and American business management schools. During the course in Thailand, students will arrange Wall Street English intensive courses simultaneously to reach the IELTS 6.0 standard within one or two semester, students will also have Chinese tutors available to help with assignments, exams, etc.

After the completion of 7 courses, the remaining 6 courses students can choose the following two programs to complete the degree

Option A: Continue to use the professors of Angelo State University to assist distance teaching at SBC, and complete group reports, assignments and exams with Chinese tutors in class counseling.

Option B: Students go directly to Angelo State University to complete the physical courses. The courses will be taught in English. Students must complete group reports, assignments and exams independently. After completing one year of study and graduation, they can apply for an OPT practical internship in the United States for one year.

The study plan is adaptable to the needs of each person

The master’s degree completion time is 12-18 months, if necessary, you can extend your study time. This way, you can balance work and life sufficiently.

Southeast Bangkok College and Angelo State University both offer internship programs (paid and unpaid) that fit the needs of each student so they may obtain experience in their preferred field. Students are to complete 13 courses and pass the MBA Major IELD Test of the Angelo State University in order to obtain the MBA diplomas from both Universities. (SBC and ASU are both accredited by)

About School 


Angelo State University, founded in 1928, is located in San Angelo, Texas, in the Midwest of the United States. It is a four-year comprehensive public university and one of the nine member universities of the Texas State University system. One.

School characteristics

-The first university in Texas to offer computer courses is a data center in Texas;

-Angelo State University Business School is recognized by the American Business Schools Association and is one of the nation’s outstanding business schools;

-The Department of Physics was designated as one of the 21 best undergraduate courses in the country by “Physics Today”.

School Honors

Angelo State University has been ranked by The Princeton Review as one of the nation’s “Best Colleges” every year since 2010, ASU is one of 13 Texas institutions and one of only five Texas public universities to make the 2019 “Best Colleges” list which is an honor only 15% of the nation’s colleges have. Angelo State University’s business school is recognized by the American Association of Business Schools (ACBSP) and is one of the nation’s best business schools. Angelo State University has also been recognized for its academics nationally in many academic and public journals. It has been named one of the “Top 10 Up and Coming Regional Universities” by U.S. News & World Report.

Admission fees

Entry Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university at home and abroad (commercial management is preferred)

B Four-year overall GPA 2.5 or higher

C GMAT 430 points or more (if GPA reaches 2.5, GMAT is exempted)

D IELTS 5.5 points (single score must not be less than 5 points)

PS: Those who want to go to ASU to take classes in the second semester must obtain an IELTS 6.0 score before arriving at the school

Basic requirements

Undergraduate non-commercial management related graduates who want to apply for this project need to pass the IVY MBA Prep Work (Angelo State University Online Basic Course) basic requirements in the following fields:

Financial Accounting/Management Accounting/Economics Basics/Understanding Company Finance/Management Principles/Marketing Principles/Business Mathematics and Statistics

Admissions and fees

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in recent or previous universities

Language of instruction: Chinese and English

Admission time: June/November (two admission times)

Charge Details

Tuition Fee for Double Master of Business Administration: 16000 USD

(39 credits for 2-3 semesters, including the SBC physical course and Angelo State University physical long-distance mixed course)

The cost of accommodation, meals and transportation for the SBC Thailand is about 6000 USD per year


A The above fees are remitted by the student to the designated account of the school (the fees are transparent and not exploited by the intermediary)

B If students choose to go to Angelo State University to take classes in the second semester, their accommodation and miscellaneous fees will be charged according to the international student standards announced on the school website