Message from the Dean

Science and technology is the development of new knowledge or new innovations. Using principles, reasoning, and technology. Therefore, the Faculty of Science and Technology South East Bangkok College Therefore has a role in producing graduates in applied science And industrial technology With international competency, morality, ethics and professional ethics. Produce scientific research And industrial technology In response to the needs of communities, society and the nation Providing academic services that respond to the needs of the community And organization development To be a corporate governance organization And the learning organization With readiness in terms of personnel with experience, both academic and professional, academic works, research and modern science and technology laboratories, and with our most important role is Being a source of scientists and new generation technology that is full of quality And work potential Out to support the needs of the labor market continuously.

Information Technology Program

Business Computer Program

Industrial Management Technology Program (Ongoing)

Computer Technology Program (Ongoing)

Multimedia and Animation Technology Program

Application of Logarithm

Design of an integrated educational and work management education model using information technology of higher education institutions in Thailand

New Crossover Network Based on q-Bernstein Polynomial

Using a smartphone for control of unmanned ground vehicles

Improvement of boiler production process using ECRS principles

The development of 2D animation cartoon media for transferring snakeskin gourami culture in Samut Prakan Province

Perception and awareness about ethics in using information technology of Bachelor of Science, Faculty of Science

Study of high speed internet usage behavior 4GLTE technology in Bangkok

Digital water supply calculation system

Maintenance management system for the computer system and network division

Access Point Not Available Notification System

Motorcycle alert and search system for theft

Scoring summary, course performance report (TQM7), academic year 2016

Bachelor of Science (Information Technology Program) with a score of 3.80

Bachelor of Technology (Industrial Management Technology Program) scored 3.75

Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Information Systems Program) with a score of 4.06

Bachelor of Technology (Computer Technology Program) with a score of 3.40

Bachelor of Science (Multimedia Technology and Animation Program) with a score of 3.21

(SAR) Faculty of Science and Technology 2015

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