Liberal arts program


Faculty of Liberal Arts Educational certification Business English Program From the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OECD), from 1 June 2005 onwards, according to the Education Standards Certificate 14/2549, dated 23 February 2006.


Creating free thinkers today to solve tomorrow challenges (e.g. ASEAN)


Arrange quality teaching and learning And meet the standards in order to produce graduates with the knowledge of using language for communication. Both listening, speaking, reading, writing correctly, appropriately in accordance with the culture of the native speakers.

Human Resources and Graduate Development:

To have the desired characteristics of the labor market

To have basic knowledge of English Can use English for conveying and conveying meaning for use in careers Or conduct business

Being a person with morals, ethics, and awareness of responsibility to society and duties.

By improving the quality of students to the fullest potential and having a learning-oriented method To provide graduates with equal quality, civilization and internationalization

Promote the development of English language skills for students. The faculty and staff at the Institute, as well as providing academic services to provide information and knowledge in English. Both for the academic staff and students and for the professional department or third partie

Course description

Course name: Bachelor of Arts Program in Business English

Degree name

Full name: Bachelor of Arts Program in Business English

English Abbreviation: B.A. (Business English)


To produce graduates with knowledge of business English In order to communicate correctly in listening, speaking, reading and writing Appropriately And consistent with the culture of the native speakers

To produce graduates with basic general knowledge in English language content And other related subjects Which can use English to convey and convey meaning for use in careers Or conduct business efficiently

In order to produce graduates with morals and ethics with a sense of professional ethics. Committed to creating prosperity for the organization. And responsible to the duties and society

Grading for graduation

Evaluation and graduation To be in accordance with the regulations of South East Bangkok College On Bachelor’s degree education 2007

Course structure

The curriculum structure consists of general education programs. Subject And free elective courses with a proportion of credits Each subject is as follows

Total number of credits throughout the program 132 credits

(1) General Education Courses 30 credits

1) Social Sciences and Humanities Courses 12 credits

2) Language course 12 credits

3) Mathematics And Science 6 credits

(2) Specific subjects 96 credits

1) Core subject group 12 credits

2) Major courses 66 credits

2.1) Required Major Courses 45 credits

2.2) Elective Major Courses 21 credits

3) minor subjects

  • 3.1) Chinese minor subject group 18 credits
  • 3.2) Minor subjects in Japanese language 18 credits

(3) Free elective courses 6 credits

Total courses 132 credits

Qualifications of students

Applicants for education Must have the following qualifications:

Graduated from high school (grade 6), vocational certificate (vocational certificate) or equivalent.

Not a serious contagious disease And doctors are of the opinion that they are healthy and suitable for further education

No behavior that is disgusted by society. And not deficient in good morals

There are certifications with addresses at the college that can be contacted at any time.

Faculty of Liberal Arts Insurance 2015

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