The Crisis and Opportunity Management Conference International (COMCI) was kicked off on 27th January 2022 with an opening speech by Dr. Pattarada Rungruang, Vice President, Administrative Affair of Southeast Bangkok College, and Professor. Jirasek Trimetsoontorn, Dean of the Faculty of Logistics and Aviation Technology, also delivered a welcome speech.

as a co-Host of the event, all master and doctoral students of Southeast Bangkok College actively participated in the research, more than 80 students presented.

Prof. Iris Liu and Prof. Angela Yang, special lecturers of Southeastern Bangkok College, presented excellent and novel research results as keynote speakers:

Prof. Iris Liu – One Solution for good? On the Educational Dilemma and Countermeasures of declining birth rate in Taiwan

Prof. Angela Yang – Intellectual property Value Conversion trilogy: Episode 1


The symposium provided an international exchange forum for the theme of crisis and opportunity management, and particularly welcomed new thinking generated on emerging matters. The symposium provided a platform for academicians, researchers, policy makers and industry professionals to present and promote the latest issues and research findings in the field of crisis and opportunity management. In addition, it provides participants with the opportunity to explore new and future technologies in related fields. The workshop also aims to facilitate interdisciplinary discussions and networking to further enhance and enrich participants’ knowledge in crisis and opportunity management and technology innovation.


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International Conference on Crisis and Opportunity Management ( COMCI )