1).If students for English language course are qualified as belows, you can study directly:
Take part in English Admission test and pass;

2).Students for Thai language or Thai-English language course:
A. If students have never studied Thai language. you should study Thai language first and pass the test. All Thai-language lessons are in Thailand and about 6months.
B.If students have basic knowledge of Thai language, you can take part in Thai Language Admission Test. According to the test score, you continue to study Thai language for 0-6 months and pass the test. All Thai language lessons are in Thailand.
(*Note:Students for Thai-English Bilingual course should finish the Thai-language lessons and interview. The interviewer check your Thai language and English ability.)

3).Economic ability means that you should pay at your own expense 1,480 USD- 4440 USD per year.
“Including Tuition & Fees 1480 USD-2960 USD per year and Personal living expenses 2960 USD per year (About 280 USD food, condo, bus per month)”

4).No Criminal punishment and administrative penalty records in your country and healthy in body and psychology.