Master the rapidly changing business environment and learn the business management skills you can take away!!”

Efficiency is doing better what is already being done.” Peter F. Drucker

Here, you will learn:

Characteristics of business management positioning, and advantages of business management projects, how business administration will help students’ career development, and also how to learn business administration.

About Two-year Top-up Business Administration Bachelor Degree:

Advantages of Chinese-English Bilingual International Courses; the courses for the business management promotion course are 70% English and 30% Chinese. Teaching professors: 70% of which are doctors in the field of business management in Taiwan and the United States and the other 30% of the teachers are professors from top universities in the United States, Canada and Britain. Bilingual students can use Chinese and English barrier-free to follow the experts and professors of various specialties to obtain knowledge. All courses are used by IUN International Education Service Agency of Canada to adopt simultaneous teaching materials from the top business schools in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom; It is also accompanied by business cases and other relevant research materials designed by SBC Business School in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

Quality of Education

The quality of education in Thailand has been recognized by international examination institutions. Thailand higher education adopts the European and American models in terms of curriculum, education methods and education system.
Outstanding majors of Thai universities include: engineering technology, tourism service industry, agriculture, public health and health, humanities, literature and art, forestry, science, business administration, medicine, etc. And most Thai university degrees have been recognized by universities in developed countries as early as a decade ago.

Advantages of continuous master’s degree (SBC-MBA of the top universities in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe)

The Two-year Top-up Business Administration Bachelor Degree not only allows students to obtain an undergraduate degree within two years, but also plans for the MBA master program of Southeast Bangkok College and the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Europe Universities programs in Thailand as well; SBC attends the appropriate school based on student achievements and future development arrangements, most of which master’s courses can be completed within 9 months to two years, eliminating the cost of tuition and time for students traveling overseas, and easily obtaining an overseas master’s degree at their original school!!

Advantages of professional classes

  1. The curriculum is line with European and American universities, the teaching materials are also in line with famous European and American schools, the teaching methods are flexible, the cultivating of students’ innovation awareness is emphasized, and there are also exchange students projects with overseas universities.
  2.  The cost advantage of studying abroad in Thailand: the total cost is 170,000-200,000 THB per year (6,000-7,000 USD per year), the total cost of four years is equivalent to the cost of studying in Europe and the United States for one year, and the return on investment is high
  3. Geographical advantages: Thailand is located in the center of Southeast Asia. The headquarters of UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific region is located in Bangkok. It has a high degree of internationalization and convenient transportation. There are low-cost airlines leading to other Southeast Asian countries so you can travel Southeast Asia after studying.
  4. Employment advantages: Those with trilingual talents have unlimited prospects in Thailand. Many graduates work in Thai multinational companies, such as; Thailand CP Group, Red Bull Group, Thailand Central Department Store, Thailand Bangkok Bank, and cooperate with the local Chinese Chamber of Commerce to help students graduate with One-stop service for post-employment, entrepreneurship and immigration
  5. The springboard advantage of academic qualification recognition: The courses learned in Thailand can be transferred to European and American universities for further study. The university education in Thailand is recognized by world-renowned schools such as Harvard University, Oxford University and other well-known universities in the world. The Ministry of Education of China and Thailand have also signed a mutual recognition agreement
  6. The advantage of continuous study of Masters: Introduce the MBA courses and teachers of the top universities in the United States, Canada, Britain and Australia, study in Thailand, and quickly obtain a national master’s degree in English in one year
  7. Introduce top core teachers from Taiwan, the United States, Canada, and Britain, set up dedicated staff to serve as tutors and class teachers, keep abreast of student learning status, and integrate pre-preparatory courses into formal semester courses
  8. Application advantages: easy admission procedures, no IELTS requirements; With complete documentation, the probability of a student obtaining an education visa is 100%, and no financial guarantee is required


Course code: 25541161100921

Course Name: Bachelor of Business Administration

The total number of credits studied in the whole course: 129 credits

Course Structure:

The total number of course credits is 129 credits, including general education courses, main major courses and elective courses, Students need to study at least 129 credits.

The credit ratio of each course is as follows:

  1. 1. General education courses with a total of 30 credits

A Social and Humanities Subject Group 12 credits

B Language Subject Group 12 credits

C Mathematics and Science Subject Group 6 credits

  1. 2. Main subjects: 93 credits

A Core subjects 30 credits

B major compulsory subjects 45 credits

C major elective subjects 18 credits

  1. 3. Extra-curricular electives for a total of 6 credits
    For students transferring from China

◆ According to the credits deducted from the professional courses that students have studied in China, students can successfully complete all undergraduate credits in two years and get a diploma

◆ In the second year, the school plans a local internship program, and cooperates with the local Chinese Chamber of Commerce to arrange paid internships for enterprises based on students interests.


1 Domestic graduates of National Education College or equivalent

2 Domestic sophomore to junior undergraduate students (those who have completed two years of undergraduate courses)

Language of instruction: Bilingual Chinese and English

Admission time: June / November (two times per year)

Charge Details:

Thai Preparatory Summer Course 1500 USD

(08/31 ~ 10/23 Basic Thai Language Course, Thai Cultural Course, Group Activities, Northern Thai Tourism) (3 credits deductible)

Tuition fee for one-year: 6000 USD (two semesters)

Accommodation fee for school apartment: 26,000 – 35,000 THB (850 -1,200 USD) / year / person (Double room)

PS: The above fees will be remitted by the student to the designated account of the school

SBC Two-Year Top-Up Business Administration Bachelor and Comparison Courses of other universities in Thailand

SBC Two-Year Top-Up Business Administration Bachelor

Courses of other universities in Thailand

Tuition advantage

One year tuition is about 155,000-185,000 THB (5,000-6,000 USD)

2 years to complete bachelor program

One-year tuition fee above

8,500 USD

2-3 years to complete bachelor program

Chinese students are assigned Chinese speaking tutors, while other foreign students of different nationalities may obtain English speaking tutors through outside services, we recommend getting tutoring so you are able to adapt quicker to Thai learning.

Preparation Course

2 months Thai preparatory courses are set up before the semester starts. The content includes basic Thai language, Thai culture, and tourism, etc. To help students adapt to campus, local life and integration course

Teacher advantage

We offer excellent teachers from Taiwan, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and trilingual teaching in Chinese, English and Thai, laying a solid language foundation and expanding international horizons. 90% of the teachers are local teachers, some courses are taught by Thai teachers who have business experience, equipped with translators, to ensure that students are able to learn and understand without falling behind


Advantages of continuous learning for bachelors and masters

Introduce MBA courses from top universities in the United States, Canada, and Australia into Thailand and get a high-gold master’s degree abroad in one year or studying a local master’s degree in Thailand, at least 2 years to complete

Employment and entrepreneurship services

Southeast Bangkok University works with the local Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Thailand to arrange domestic internships during the study period; also provide one-stop service for overseas work and immigration for students who want to continue in Europe and America