Joint MBA Program Agreements with Angelo State University

Southeast Bangkok College [SBC] has entered into partnership agreements with Angelo State University [ASU]: for academic cooperation, research and students exchange Master’s degree.

 Angie Wright, ASU Interim president and Dr. Somsak Rungruang, president of SBC, signed the agreements for academic partnership, research and students exchange between Southeast Bangkok College and Angelo State University. On August 21, 2020 (09.30 am) in the SBC Salao meeting room 1, 1st floor, University Center. This is a signing of the new normal changes and agreements caused by COVID-19.

This academic partnership will enable SBC students and those who plan to continue into a Masters degree to study at Angelo State University in the USA. Both online and offline. Those who join in the program will study for 1.5 years to 2 years. After graduating, they shall receive 2 degrees from both SBC and ASU. This is a good opportunity full of learning and experiences through quality education for future success.